Monday, November 19, 2007

30 Day Gourmet

I have been a rep for 30 Day Gourmet for some time now (maybe a few years?). I haven't really done much with it as a business, but use it more as a resource (although I am really surprised at how many people have sent e-mails to me from the 30 Day Gourmet website!

I have done some Once a Month Cooking workshops and have done bulk cooking with other people (where I got all the recipes together, did the shopping and planning, etc.). I would like to do more of it - it's just that everything takes up my time and I have more things I want to do than hours in the day.

Next year I would also like to do more canning. Not just the small batches here and there, but 50 - 100 quarts at a time. I'd like to do tomato products, pickles and strawberry preserves. I have been doing some dehydrated potatoes already. I can get a 50 lb bag of potatoes at the farmer's market for only $8. I did some calculations and found that It will cost me less than 25¢ per quart for spaghetti sauce. I already have over 18 dozen jars so that isn't something I need to factor in. I can do spaghetti sauce, taco sauce, salsa and stewed tomatoes.

If I do strawberry preserves, I would also be able to use them for gifts. I never seem to make enough (this is my favorite kind of preserves) so I would like to make it a point to make a bunch.

Note to me: Contact Becky and Angie - if I have someone counting on me I will take the time to actually do it.

This post is another reminder to me. . .I know that there are opportunities to do classes as well as sell the WONDERFUL resources they have. Is the time it would take me worth the money I would make? Will the reality not really be there until the kids move out?

30 Day Gourmet

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