Friday, January 18, 2008

WWI / Arthur Mole and John D. Thomas

I just found out about this guy, Arthur Mole. Apparently he visited many army, navy and marine camps across the country during WWI. He created "living sculptures" and took pictures of them. According to the record, he was born in England and his family moved to Zion, IL when he was 12 years old. He met John Thomas, the director of the choir at Zion's Christian Catholic Tabernacle which was just being built, who would ultimately be Mole's choreographic collaborator. He would stand on an 80 ft. platform so that he could get an idea of perspective for the final picture. It said that Mole and Thomas donated the entire income from their endeavors to the families of the returning soldiers and the government's efforts to re-build their lives.

The link has more information and more pictures. This picture of the Statute of Liberty used 18,000 men!

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